Lively villages and beautiful wilderness are what Jäppilä is made of. In the middle of Savo we are a part of Pieksämäki city. In the village center you can find all the basic services you need.

In Jäppilä we have:

– primary school
– health center
– library
– senior home
– firestation
– recycling center
– church, semetary and congregation center
– shop, post office and farm stores
– summer restaurant and cafeteria
– dance hall
– guesthouse and cottages for rent
– a lot of possibilities for different sort of activities

There are approximately 1400 people living in Jäppilä. Pieksämäki city center is only 20 kilometers from Jäppilä and Varkaus is located approximately 30 kilometers distance.

Being a part of the Lake area of Finland our landscape is variable, hilly and partly rare. The nature is clean and so is the groundwater.

In Jäppilä there is a very active village community, which helps you in every case. It is a non-political corporation of the people and it’s main agenda is to build and developed the village and bring joy and welfare to the citizens as well as to the visitors

Welcome to Jäppilä and all the activities!

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